How We Choose Gemstones

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Herreria Atelier (H.A.) is a little obsessed about gemstones since the shine and sparkle in precious rocks enchanted us. H.A. begun out of a passion for jewelry, along with guiding our customers in your journey of discovery.


With experience and professional education in gemstones and metalsmithing, our founder Janisse, is personally involved in ensuring the authenticity of H.A. stones which are obtained from credible sources.


We are absolutely in love with the process of sourcing each individual gem of the highest quality, at the perfect price tag. Our team at H.A. believes in delivering great value to all our customers, not just affordability.

Natural Stones

Natural gemstones are shaped from organic minerals that have formed over hundreds if not thousands of years, this makes them rare, expensive, and unique.

The fact that natural stones are high quality, durable, and totally one-of-a kind, makes it our favourite stone to design with. On top of that, our team adores selecting exotic and exquisite coloured stones in line with who you are, with a heartfelt personal touch.

Synthetic stones

The alternative to natural stones is synthetic stones. These stones are created in a lab using the same mineral from organic stones, but are formed over a shorter timeframe.

As synthetic stones look similar to the organic versions, we explicitly state when these stones are used. At H.A., we carry a small selection of handpicked synthetic stones which we use for more affordable ornamental pieces.


Imitation stones are replicate stones made from various materials such as plastic or glass, that do not contain any natural minerals. We only use imitation stones when we are making prototypes, samples, or design concepts for our customers, but we never utilise synthetic stones for our Herreria Atelier merchandise.


Certification is a legal document proving that a stone is real, a gem’s birth-cert after a specific jeweler or gemologist has assessed its origins. In Malaysia, the standard certification bodies include GRS , ALGS, and AGL for coloured stones as well as GIA for diamonds.

While most of our stones do not have a legal certificate, we can assure you that they are 100% real (not imitations), ethically sourced and of high-quality. As an additional service, we are able to provide the legal document for the stone with a slight surcharge.

If you’ll like to chat about our stones, or begin your gemstone journey, feel free to contact us at 012 6627588. Let’s start the conversation!

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